The Leading Brands on Instagram Mentioned by Portuguese Influencers

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Check HERE which are the most mentioned brands on Instagram by Portuguese influencers.

A lot is going on this month and Primetag hopes that everyone is safe and healthy at this time. We would like to take this inflection point as an opportunity to answer some of the questions you have always had. How influential is my brand? How influential are my competitors? Why is there no more toilet paper at my local supermarket? Well, we can’t answer that last question but we can answer the first two. So today let’s talk about which brands are mentioned the most by Portuguese influencers and serve you up some insightful highlights to sink your teeth into.

We are celebrating the launch of our Portuguese Influencer Marketing Leaderboard. Our online platform ranks brands based on the number of mentions they received from national influencers. The dynamic lists, which will be updated on a monthly basis, are available online and free of charge as of right now! 

The leaderboard is comprised of 8 distinct categories; starting off with a general overview category and followed by 7 unique categories with brands in fashion, beauty, food & beverages, retail, sports, technology and tourism.

We have done it before, and we will do it again. The success of the Spanish Influencer leaderboard (which you can find HERE) encouraged us to press more buttons and click more things. We managed to gather information from 2,500 Influencers and 370,000 publications on Instagram from the last 12 months in Portugal. So we placed our sleep-deprived intern in front of a computer and this is what he came up with.

Portuguese Leaderboard Takeaways:

  • The two Portuguese brands sitting proudly on top. In the general ranking of the most mentioned brands by Portuguese influencers, the national brands Prozis and Visit Portugal occupy the second and third places, sitting just below the Spanish queen herself Zara.
  • Most of the brands are Fashion. Two-thirds of the brands most mentioned on Instagram by Portuguese content creators are fashion brands.
  • Zara is the queen of both the Spanish and Portuguese leaderboards. Zara is the most mentioned brand (5,327 mentions), followed by Prozis, (2,661), Visit Portugal (1,971), Loavies (1,858), Bershka (1,840) and Mango (1,639). Portuguese Instagram mavens sure do love Inditex brands, with five brands included in the ranking.
  • Low-cost beauty. The Portuguese Influencers worship at the altar of Sephora (418 mentions), among other cosmetic brands such as Garnier (254 mentions) and L’oréal (209 mentions). Only one high-end luxury brand is amongst the most mentioned: YSL Beauty with 147 mentions.
  • The Smartphone battle. Ever wondered which devices content creators are using the most? Well, its probably a Samsung (259 mentions), Huawei (137 mentions) or Apple (128 mentions).
  • Football is a religion in Portugal (but you already knew that). In the Sports category, we find @slbenfica (747 mentions), followed by @portugal (441 mentions), @fcporto (365 mentions) and @sportingclubedeportugal (335 mentions). Of course, Nike football and Adidas football are in our top 15 too.
  • The same but completely different. Adidas has almost as many mentions on our Portuguese leaderboard (668) as in the Spanish leaderboard does (753), it’s impressive seeing as how Portugal has a GDP 5x smaller than that of Spain.

Now let’s talk about the biggest Influencers:

Cristina Ferreira, a frequent Zara purchaser, with a boatload of followers (1.2M) is sailing smoothly on top of our leaderboard. Other Zara lovers making waves on Instagram are Katia Aveiro (1.1M), Carolina Patrocínio (809k), Liliana Filipa (597.3k) and Sofia Arruda (474k).

Please note that these were the values at the time of data collection, they may have changed in the meantime.

Rita Pereira, on the other hand, is Prozis’ biggest fan with the most followers (1.3M). Other renowned influencers that consume products of the well known Portuguese brand are Pedro Teixeira (822k), Carolina Patrocínio (809k) and António Raminhos (808k).

Finally, did you really think we would go through all these influencers and not mention the king himself, Cristiano Ronaldo? Now you would think he would be the king of our sports category obviously, but you will be (un)surprised to find he is actually one of the biggest voices of @visitmadeira in the tourism cluster. Sitting second place next to that of @visitportugal.

So if Portugal was an influencer what would they look like? Considering the brands Portuguese influencers are yelling about the most are Zara, Prozis and Visit Portugal, then it’s safe to say they would most likely be a Zara wearing fitness fanatic who is proud to live in such an instagramable country.

Back in 2018, Primetag launched the Social Influence Report, the first study of its kind on Influencer Marketing in Portugal. Since the Portuguese market fluctuates rapidly and an annual analysis is not enough to satisfy information needs, Primetag decided to address this and mitigate this dilemma through technological advancement.

So now you know the names and faces of the brands and influencers occupying the phones screens of Portugal, do what you will with this information, it’s our gift to you. Check back in with our leaderboard at regular intervals to find out who is dominating gram-town in Portugal and don’t forget to have a read of our other insightful articles here.

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