The Leading Brands on Instagram Mentioned by Spanish Influencers

  • Spanish influencers prefer Spanish or European brands
  • Zara, the most mentioned brand, increases in mentions by the second 
  • Free tool for tracking brand mentions by influencers now available online

Get ready because today we are celebrating the launch of a brand new and ready-to-use tool, exclusively for the Spanish market: Primetag’s first Influencer Marketing Leaderboard.

An online platform with rankings featuring the most mentioned brands by a huge range of national influencers. The dynamic lists, which will be updated on a monthly basis, are available online and free of charge as of the 11th of March 2020. 

The Influencer Marketing Leaderboard is based on the analysis of nine thousand influencers and almost a million publications, derived from a specialised Spanish database. The leaderboard is comprised of 8 distinct categories; starting off with a general overview category and followed by 7 unique categories with brands in fashion, beauty, food and beverages, retail, sports, technology and tourism. 

In light of this special launch, Primetag has analysed the most mentioned brands on Instagram by Spanish influencers during the last 12 months. 

Below are some of the most interesting takeaways from the board: 

  • 20 out of 20. All of the most mentioned brands by Spanish influencers on Instagram belong to the textile and fashion industry.
  • Zara, the most mentioned brand by far, with a jaw-dropping 17,364 mentions by over 1300 influencers, increases in the number of mentions by the second.
  • The second most popular brand in fashion, Bershka, with 4874 mentions, follows behind. Inditex, the parent company of both Zara and Bershka, is really making its mark on the board, splashing 6 of its companies across the top fashion brands to watch out for.
  • Spanish influencers favour Spanish or European brands.  Amongst the top 15 most mentioned brands, 13 are European brands, of which, 6 are Spanish, with only 1 American and 1 Chinese.
  • Premium European brands coexist with budget brands in the beauty industry. Nyx Cosmetics ranks the highest in the battle of the beauty brands with 1189 mentions from 257 different influencers, followed by French giant Sephora and the Canadian-owned brand Mac.
  • Sport and fitness. Nike takes the title of the most mentioned brand (2,316 mentions) but is just a nail-biting 16 mentions away from it’s biggest rival, Adidas Spain. Similarly, Nike Women and Nike Sportswear following close behind in 8th and 11th place, and sandwiched between the two is Adidas official account in 10th place.

This innovative new leaderboard was developed as a response to the lack of information within the national influencer marketing industry. 

Back in 2018, Primetag launched the Social Influence Report, the first study of its kind on Influencer Marketing in Spain. Since the Spanish market fluctuates rapidly and an annual analysis is not enough to satisfy information needs, Primetag decided to address and mitigate this dilemma through technological advancement.

Check back in with our leaderboard at regular intervals to find out who is dominating gram-town in Spain and don’t forget to have a read of our other insightful articles here.

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