10% of Swipe Ups in Influence Marketing Campaigns are “Wasted”

Influence Marketing Stories Generate traffic for Brands. But what if a significant percentage of Swipe Ups are from followers that Swiped twice? Are brands measuring their Campaigns accurately?

The Importance of Traffic Data in Stories

The philosopher Kant once said, ” I think, therefore I exist ” and at Primetag we raised the question after an influencer marketing philosophical dialogue.

What is the percentage of non-unique Swipe Ups?

Real Data generates true insights for better decisions. The total of Swipe Ups may not represent the number of unique persons and with that in mind, we studied the question to find a pattern.

Unique Swipe Ups vs Non-Unique Swipe Ups

If Cher wrote a song about this, it would be something like “Do you Believe in Click After Click”?

For the sceptics, it´s time to believe because non-unique Swipe Ups is something too important to not measure right.

Primetag studied 10 months of Brands Stories in Influencer Marketing Campaigns made through our platform. From January 2020 until October 2020, 695 stories and 203939 Swipe Ups were analyzed. And in more than half of the stories analyzed, the number of non-unique Swipe Ups is more than 10%.

Partial data of the percentage of non-unique Swipe Ups

  • 10% non-unique Swipe Ups (313 stories)
  • 11% non-unique Swipe Ups (143 stories)
  • 12% non-unique Swipe Ups (42 stories)

The behaviour of Multiple Swipe Ups on Stories

3 profiles with more than 2000 clicks (Single Storie for Brands) were analyzed and there isn’t a common behaviour on the second or third click.

Followers can click again at any time of the day, after 30 minutes or after 4 or 10 or more hours.

But in theory, multiple clicks shows consideration/evaluation for a product.

Because the first click may not be at the best time to purchase, or the consumer needs more time to the purchase decision.

Why non-unique Swipe Ups Data is important for Brands in Influence Marketing

The good: The higher the percentage of non-unique Swipe Ups, the more relevant the product is for the audience.

The bad: If the number is very high, you may be using the wrong assumptions about the success of your campaign.

The importance of tracking Swipe Ups in Influence Marketing

Some influencers gain more traffic with stories. Unless you see the post within the 24-hour window, you may never know that occurred or how many impressions it made. And tracking the stories by doing screenshots for reports is a time-waster.

How to clip automatic

With Primetag, Brands can track also stories campaigns with automation. Zero screenshots and Real Dynamic Data for better decisions. Click to find out more!

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