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Influencer Marketing Data done Right

I asked a friend why did he like a picture of an influencer holding a product.

He is a man and told me – “I don’t care about the product. I just put likes because she is pretty”.

Less mature Brands in Influencer Marketing often look at likes and followers.

Like and Followers does not translate Influence.

Do you remember that Influencer with millions of followers and that did not even sell 36 t-shirts?

But real Influencers can stock out their Own or other Brands products. They create content on one or two subjects, and the audience recognizes them as experts on a field or subject.

Influencer Marketing is a hard game. There is a lot of false metrics, absurd premises, and distorted mechanisms.

Even Big Brands fall on schemes, for example, “comment for comment” where profiles exchange comments and impress the less attentive with massive fixed engagement.

But they have got zero influence.

Are you using estimated data to decide your Influencer Marketing strategies? Are you aware of the negative effects this may have on your performance?

If you are making decisions based on wrong information, don’t expect a brilliant outcome. Content Creators and social networks selection, the number of posts, all of these will be decided based on fake data.

But why would you choose estimated insights over real data? This is the heart of the matter: most of the time you don’t know that the information you are using is not legitimate.

How is that possible? Third-party companies are the answer.

Third-party companies and Estimated Data

These companies sell data regarding Creators’ Audiences, such as their location (city and country). Gender and age range, the reach of each specific post and many other metrics.

However, this information only Creators have access to. So how would third party companies have access to those insights? Well! They don’t, that’s why they sell estimated data. And it’s easy to see why.

Think about it. This information is constantly evolving. They would need to be in contact with the Creators, always requesting their insights to update their database.

And there are multiple providers like this. So all of them would be frequently contacting Creators and requesting their private data. It’s inconceivable. 

Third-party companies omit the fact that the information they provide is not legitimate. They calculate Creators’ insights based on their public information.

Each one has its specific way of producing data, but at the end of the day, they are mostly a guess.

Real Data vs Estimated Data

Let’s look at an example! Here we have screenshots of the audience insights from an Instagram account with +8M followers:

Print screen showing real insights from and Instagram account

And here is a third-party supplier data for that same account:

Print screen showing estimated insights from an Instagram account

According to the third party supplier, 29% of their followers are from Spain. So, 29% of 8M followers would be 2,320M people.

However, from the private data in his account, we can see that only 5% of his audience is from Spain. 8194006 x 5% equals 409700 people.

There’s a staggering difference between the real data of 410k and the fabricated data of 2,3M!

This proves that estimated data may be burning your Influencer Marketing Results!

How to overcome this and Work with Real Data?

Data authenticity is mandatory to work professionally!

Creators are the owners of their audience insights. They are the ones who should be in control of who has access to that information.

What they need is a safe way to easily manage who has access to their data.

A tool to enable Brands to obtain that information, and the ability to revoke access to it once it is no longer necessary.

We developed our platform with this concept in mind: Creators have full control of their data. They decide which Brands can see their audience insights. They decide which Manager can work on their behalf.

And Brands can have the Data they need to obtain More ROI!

Why is Primetag’s data real?

Primetag is approved by the most relevant social networks to access their APIs for the audience insights level.

This guarantees that the data Creators and Brands see in the Primetag platform is real. Because it displays the information that comes directly from the social network.

The Creator is empowered in the decision of sharing his private information and your Brand has access to Real and Accurate Data.

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Work the Profissional Way with the Influencer Marketing Data you Need to Make Better Decisions.

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