Is KOL Marketing the future of Influencer Campaigns?

What is the difference between KOL Marketing and Influencers?

Does your Brand know the difference between digital influencers and KOL Marketing (Key Opinion Leaders)?

The term KOL is old in the world of digital marketing, being well known by the health market, which gave rise to this expression, mainly in the medical and dental areas. In different contexts, the two terms (KOL and digital influencer) are used with the same meaning, but the fact is that they have different meanings.

Currently, these terms are used by all market sectors, but KOL is still new to some entrepreneurs.

A quality digital presence is no longer an option for brands, but an essential competitive need within digital marketing.

The production of relevant content and even entertainment for the personas, both leads (potential customers) and customers are essential to creating a healthy, trustworthy and lasting relationship between the consuming public and your business.

The current trend is for people to seek more and more for real stories that generate empathy through the propagated values, than simply looking for brands and business discourses that often do not match the real positioning of these ventures.

Follow the text below and discover the importance of developing marketing campaigns based on actions in conjunction with digital influencers and/or KOLs. Know which of these two types of influence is best suited for your brand. Come on?

KOL Marketing – What is it?

KOLs are those opinion-makers who have good academic preparation and/or experience in a specific area of ​​knowledge, using this consolidated authority to recommend products/services in their field of study.

KOL’s now are present on social networks and create content on Instagram and TikTok.

The type of information they disclose would hardly be accessible to people outside their research area and are often associated with industrial and health-related products/services.

With Social Media, KOL’s audience is not limited but niche centric, but it is also more qualified for brands that work in the area of ​​knowledge of this influencer.

Thus, brands that associate with KOL, using their authority, tend to have a much higher return (ROI – return on investment), since the public is already segmented for their market sector.

Another interesting feature is that KOL works on social networks in a way that complements its main work, which takes place in the real world, often through the development of research or by acting in successful companies.

Personality and Authenticity: the digital influencer’s differential

Through empathy, a relationship of trust is established between the influencer and his audience.

KOL x Digital Influencer: Which one to choose?

Both the digital influencer and KOL are public figures that influence the consumer opinion of their followers since they establish a relationship of trust and admiration for those they follow.

What determines the choice between one and the other is the objective of your digital marketing campaign (which must also be consistent with your market positioning).

How to find Opinion Leaders based on Content?

Search for Key Opinion Leaders/Digital Influencers in the Google of Influencer Marketing.

Yes, just like Google you can search with Keywords!

Find those profiles that are more relevant for your Brands Content.

In Primetag’ s Content Explorer, you can find experts. Example of an expert with “ppr” for Portuguese Banks.

*Per default Content Explorer is for Portugal & Spain. But if you need more markets we unlock it for you.

Start collaborating with experts!

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