How to Calculate Influencer Reach

Learn How to Calculate Influencer Reach like a true Professional!

How to calculate Influencer Post Reach it’s a common question. But what if the answer is almost wrong?

Drake can explain that with his famous Meme!

Social media marketing is at its higher point with many content options. But if you’re not choosing Influencers with the right metrics, efforts are paying off. Average social media post reach and engagement may differ per platform, but you must analyze to get make better decisions.

Influencer Post Reach and Engagement Rate | How to Calculate on Instagram

The calculation that Drake disliked is based on unrealistic predictions. The algorithm does not show the posts or stories to all the followers!

Posts are seen on average by 12 to 25% of the follower base. So how can you calculate by post reach?

Total engagements per post/average reach per post * 100

Well, you can’t by get Influencers Posts Reach on your own. You will need Software to help you get the metrics.

Measure Influence Marketing - Unique Reach

Influencer Marketing the Wrong and Right Way

When profiles are not connected with your Brand, sites and software make estimates. It’s not accurate data but a reference point.

For better decisions with true data and transparency, Influencers need to give permission for Brands to have access to their private data.

When Brands and Influencers connect on Primetag you have access to their Media Kit.

How Calculating Influencer Post Reach Help Making Better Decisions

  • Optimize the Budget by choosing Influencers that reach more people
  • Choose the Influencers that have the Most Engaged Audience
  • You can Negotiate Influencers Price when the reach or engagement rate is lower than expected
  • You can do Influencer Marketing the professional way and be better than your competitors!

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