Aurora Iglesias, Influencer Coordinator at Multiópticas: Mastering a 365-days Influencer Marking Strategy

Multiópticas has successfully shifted from a 40 years-old traditional retail store to one of the most prominent online eyewear companies.

Aurora Iglesias, Influencer Coordinator at Multiópticas, joined the Spanish brand less than a year ago. Since then, she has been building and implementing the influencer marketing strategy of the leading company in the optical industry.

Thanks to partnerships with influencers such as Laura Escanes and Logan G, they have now grown to be one of the most popular online brands, competing with those born digital.

We spoke to Aurora about fitting influencer marketing into the marketing strategy, choosing the right influencers for the right goals and the campaigns that have stood out to her.

Keep scrolling to find out more about her role at Multiópticas and the stance on influencer marketing she shared at the #RealFollowers event in Madrid.

At Multiópticas you are an example of ‘know-how’ in influence marketing. How have you evolved from your first collaboration with an influencer to your current position? 

It has been two years since we incorporated influencer marketing into our marketing strategies and today we consider it one of the most crucial activities, undoubtedly using it 365 days a year.

Since our first brand activation with Úrsula Corberó in the exclusive Harajuku collection, things have advanced a lot. In conjunction with three other brands, you can say that today we work with up to 550 influencers. We often collaborate with top influencers within the Spanish sphere such as Adriana Ugarte, María Fernández-Rubíes or Marta Pombo – represented by Soy Olivia -, and we have also been at the Madrid Fashion Week working with these influencers at our own stand.

We have done something similar with Wildgo, working with viral Youtubers such as Logan G or Salva. These influencers generated a tremendous reach in just 24 hours.

What are the criteria that you follow when choosing an influencer to collaborate with Multiópticas?

Each of our brands is different and therefore holds distinct values. We must carefully personalize each strategy accordingly. When it comes to choosing a specific influencer, it often depends on the campaign and the objective that we want to achieve with that person. Also, it is essential to consider whether the end goal is branding, traffic or engagement, which will determine the profile we choose.  

How often do you include influencer marketing campaigns in your yearly strategy? 

In the case of Mó, we follow a continuous strategy that includes using influencer marketing in all of our campaigns. We may vary influencer profiles based on the campaign objectives, but we are constantly investing in these marketing initiatives. As for Wildgo, despite the fact we started with sporadic activities last year, our intention is to adopt a more continuous strategy, similar to the one we have with Mó. 

Which influencer marketing campaign has particularly stood out to you over the years? 

I can’t possibly say which one has stood out the most as they’ve all been very special to us since they have helped us draw out our career path. I would start with Úrsula Corberó, a very influential figure who positioned us at the forefront of the industry.

Also, we have featured many others, like Adriana Ugarte, who launched our sunglasses collection, and Laura Escanes who was the face of our limited Jellyfish collection, all of which contributed immensely to our success. In reference to Wildgo, we sat up the Ibiza campaign for Logan G becoming the brand’s ambassador and, as a result, we gained a staggering reach of 20 million people. 

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