Executing a killer influencer marketing campaign: step-by-step guide

An international coffee brand wanted to implement an influencer marketing campaign for the launch of a new product in Portugal. In doing so, the Portuguese branch encountered various issues, ranging from a lack of control on insights to having no playbook, as well as finding it hard to measure ROI.

Whilst some of the difficulties were an unsurprising set back for the brand, it was evident for them that influencer marketing has a lot of potential but they lacked some basic knowledge of the industry. 

Using Primetag’s technology, the brand was able to monitor all influencer activity, campaign progress and ROI

Using Primetag’s technology, the brand was able to monitor all influencer activity, campaign progress and ROI, making the whole process safer for the brand. On top of this, Primetag’s playbook ensured that the brand had access to 7 pre-defined objectives and a prediction on the potential ROI. These tools had ultimately allowed for full optimization of their campaign and to successfully achieve a consistent ROI.

As in any well-structured influencer marketing campaign, here is the journey the brand followed while managing their campaign inside the Primetag platform. From setting up the campaign goals to monitoring and reporting.

Download the case study asset to fully understand how Primetag helped the Coffee Brand optimize its processes and scale its Influencer Marketing efforts like never before.

Have access to the step-by-step guide on IM optimization, including:

  • Step 1: Strategy & Goals 
    Setting up a campaign basis.
  • Step 2: Influencer discovery
    Finding the right influencers using real Social Media insights.
  • Step 3: Evaluation
    Assigning the best deals by negotiating without wasting time.
  • Step 4: ROI – Return on Influence
    Painless content monitoring and automatic real-time reporting.
Build a successful Influencer Marketing campaign
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