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#RealFollowers event in Barcelona: influence marketing leaders join Primetag in Spain

Dentsu Aegis Network, El Corte Inglés and YouPlanet, among other influence marketing references, claimed for professionalism at Primetag’s official arrival in Spain.

Primetag has officially landed in Spain! To celebrate the occasion, several representatives of the influence marketing industry joined us to discuss the steps needed towards the professionalization of the industry.

André Freire Andrade, CEO Iberia & SSAfrica of Dentsu Aeguis Network, at #RealFollowers by Primetag.
André Freire Andrade, CEO Iberia & SSAfrica of Dentsu Aeguis Network, at #RealFollowers by Primetag.

One of the protagonists during our launch event was Andre Freire de Andrade, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network. As the Keynote Speaker, he supported our #realfollowers movement with numbers: “Over the last year, 37 million euros have been invested in influence marketing in Spain, and by 2019 this number is expected to reach 100 million”. According to the CEO of the biggest media agency in the territory, the constant growth of influence marketing has brought an urgent need for professionalization in the market.

Leading Spanish talent agencies also joined us in the charming neighborhood of Gràcia. At the event, Luis de Val, CEO & Founder of YouPlanet, presented his collaboration with Primetag and showcased his first campaign with our technology. Big names such as Auronplay, with 16.9 million Youtube subscribers, are participating in the campaigns that YouPlanet is managing with our technology. “Primetag has allowed us to optimize processes and improve in the eyes of brands,” Luis explained to the public.

Luis de Val, CEO and Founder of YouPlanet, presenting YouPlanet’s partnership with Primetag at #realfollowers
Luis de Val, CEO and Founder of YouPlanet, presenting YouPlanet’s partnership with Primetag at #realfollowers.

The CEO and cofounder of Primetag, Manuel Albuquerque, shared his personal story and why he believes in this industry. “Influence marketing helps brands humanize their message. Audiences relate much more with familiar faces they know and follow, like influencers”.

After, Patricia Onofre, our User Success Manager, showed the importance of having access to real data.  “There are digital providers that estimate influencers insights and put this information out there”, Patricia said. This lack of transparency affects every player within the influence marketing sector, “brands are making decisions based on estimated data, not real facts, and influencers are being evaluated based on information that is not correct”. 

As the main course, we gathered five Spanish influence marketing experts. The panel was moderated by Franc Carreras, professor at ESADE and creator of the Forbes-backed podcast, Masterminds.

Luis de Val YouPlanet Sergi Olba El Corte Inglés Inés Arroyo, Influencer Laagam Daniela Rodríguez Soy Olivia Carlos Vidal Equipo Singular #realfollowers panel Primetag
Left to right: Luis de Val, CEO of YouPlanet / Sergi Olba, Communications at El Corte Inglés / Inés Arroyo, Influencer and creative director of Laagam / Daniela Rodríguez, CEO of Soy Olivia / Carlos Vidal, Influencer Marketing Manager at Equipo Singular at the #realfollowers panel by Primetag.

In the panel discussion, Sergi Olba, responsible for influence marketing and management of Social Networks at El Corte Inglés, discussed the importance of measuring the results of influence campaigns.

Inés Arroyo, influencer and creative director of fashion brand Laagam, brought to the conversation the professionalization of the influencers. She commented that many influencers are going beyond digital, taking advantage of their audiences to create their own businesses, as she did with Laagam.

Ines Arroyo Laagam Influencer #RealFollowers event Primetag Barcelona

Inés Arroyo, Influencer and creative director of Laagam at #RealFollowers by Primetag.

Daniela Rodríguez, CEO of Soy Olivia, also joined the table. She is the business mind behind the multi-million audiences of María Pombo and Grace Villarreal. Without her, the Spanish influencer panorama wouldn’t be the way we know it today.

Regarding the selection of the right influencer, she told us that what she values the ​​most when choosing to represent an influencer is “first, their loyalty to the content they create, their authenticity, and second, their engagement, the level of interaction the audience has with them.”

Carlos Vidal has implemented hundreds of campaigns as influence marketing manager of Equipo Singular, and shared his experience with the audience.

Among the event attendees were many well-known content creators specialized in different industries and platforms. Such as, Rafa Antonín, worldwide Instagrammer and Chef (358k followers), Barcelona based and beloved Fashion Instagrammer Ariadna Tapia (190k followers), and YouPlanet’s wildly successful Alex Gilbert (275k subscribers).

When the sun was about to set, the presentations transitioned into a cocktail party with the breathtaking views of Hotel Gerard rooftop. High-end content creators, brands, agencies, and agents had the opportunity to get to know each other better. The networking followed the rhythm, of course, of DJ and influencer Alex Vives, paired with wines from Viñedos Singulares (#MomentosSingulares).

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