Puig Brothers, Creators of Jordi Koalitic: Earning 13.5 Million TikTok Followers in 6 Months

Brothers Jordi and Arnau Puig are the creative minds behind Spain’s biggest TikTok account to date, Jordi Koalitic. The Barcelona based pair have revolutionised the way that photography is presented on social media, and made their content appealing to audiences of all backgrounds. Having devised their own signature style and unique understanding of photography, they are now reaching a massive audience around the world.

Before the brother’s explosive social media popularity, Jordi worked as a freelance photographer. He then made the decision to create his own audiovisual production company (Koalitic Visuals), together with his brother Arnau. After the creation of their first Instagram account, the Puig brothers started to make their mark in the online world and lay down the foundations of their photographic journey to success.

Ranking number one on Primetag’s list of the TikTok accounts thriving in Spain right now and achieving a monumental 13.5 million followers in just over 6 months, the pair behind Jordi Koalitic are truly making a name for themselves.

Primetag decided to delve deep into the minds behind the account and pull out all the words of wisdom that we could. Keep scrolling to learn more about the link between TikTok and innovative photographers such as Jordi.

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Jordi, where does the idea of creating astonishing pictures with everyday objects come from?

In the beginning, when I was getting started with photography, I used to travel to capture scenic landscapes. As time passed by, due to my work obligations and personal compromises, I couldn鈥檛 travel as much as I wanted anymore. It was then that I decided to seek out an alternative way to keep taking pictures and the idea of using simple objects emerged. Instead of having to rely on the scenery as it sits naturally, we took matters into our own hands and made the scenery in what we wanted it to be.

Were there already any photographers showcasing their creations and their behind the scenes snippets on Tiktok?

Not that we know of. We are proud to say that we are the first photographers ever to showcase what goes on behind the scenes. I think this may be one of the key ingredients in our recipe for success, people are curious as to how we make our original pieces.

What makes @jordi.koalitic different from other TikTok profiles?

Our profile offers creative photography for any kind of audience, displayed in an easily understood and instructional way. We produce content in such a way that it is educational and artistic, but also entertaining. Our work appeals to every age or language, and so we aren鈥檛 held back through many limitations in terms of our viewers. We aim to make content that is enjoyable for any individual.

You already had around 2 million followers on Instagram when you decided to take a chance on TikTok. Why did you decide to bet on this new kind of social media platform?

Tiktok allowed us to show the behind the scenes and the final picture in the same video clip. We believe this format allowed us to share our creations with more ease, we soon found the process to be very efficient and effective for us.

What makes TikTok different from Instagram? 

We believe the current algorithm TikTok has in place is facilitating our videos in becoming viral hits. We also get the feeling that TikTok users are much more interested in our work than those on Instagram. This data is speaking volumes to us and proving that TikTok is the right platform for us.

You have managed to accumulate 12.1 million followers on a global scale in just under 6 months, which made you the most followed Spanish TikTok account to date. What factors do you attribute this incredible growth to?

We are doing something unique, extremely creative and easily accessible for the people.

What kind of promotional tools did you use to raise awareness for your account?

We really feel that our TikTok growth came organically. We didn鈥檛 actually do much promotion through other social media channels.

We have been mentioned in dozens of big media outlets, both nationally and internationally. Namely, art-related publications; Brightside, Bored Panda or 5 Minutes crafts, together with journalistic reports by Insider, El Pa铆s and El Economista. I think many people take an interest in Jordi Koalitic for many different reasons and media outlets are fascinated by this.

Do you think your explosive growth is sustainable in the long run? Or do you think that this is just an initial boom and that will it soon be interrupted with the appearance of more rival photographers using social media?

We see that our account keeps growing in the same fashion as it used to in the very beginning, we hope our growth will continue like this into the foreseeable future, as we continuously come up with new and innovative ideas. However, there is currently an increasing number of photographers joining the platform, which makes it more challenging for us to surprise our photography-loving followers.

As for your business model as content creators: Do you monetise your content directly with branded content or do you only use TikTok as a client acquisition channel for your freelance services?

Right now we utilise the platform for both; acquiring clients and monetisation through branded collaborations. It鈥檚 a win-win situation for us.

Is TikTok professionalised in Spain and what does it lack to reach the level of maturity of other countries?

From our point of view, TikTok is still in a period of growth and adaptation in Spain. At the moment, most companies have not yet focused the attention that they should towards this platform, especially to invest in campaigns, or at least they haven鈥檛 invested to the extent that it occurs in other countries. This may be simply due to a lack of awareness in the case of many brands. Still, large Spanish companies and artists are beginning to create their profiles and publish content, so it will just be a matter of time (and not a long time) before the platform reaches its peak popularity.

Where are most of your followers from?

At the moment we have noticed most are from the United States. In fact, about 20% of our audience is from the US.

Have you noticed an increase in Spanish supporters in recent months?

I would say so, we’ve noticed a slight increase in the number of followers commenting on our videos in Spanish. But its really interesting to see the diversity of our audience.

Your content stands out among the millions of music videos on the platform. What is your content creation process in TikTok?

We always aim to create stunning photo content, with an eye-catching “making of” and an ingenious method that captures the attention of the public. First, we show the “making of” so that the camera is shown in the first frame, next we show how we create the abstract camera manipulation trick, and lastly reveal the final picture. We usually tend to create single photo trick videos, with a duration of about 10-15 seconds, and then we put together several tricks to create a longer duration. I think the behind the scenes aspect really piques our audience鈥檚 curiosity, wanting to see what the final image looks like after seeing an odd setup.

What advice would you give to content creators from other social networks who want to get started with TikTok?

When trying to create videos, focus on your best skills to stand out in regards to a particular issue, as we have done. Find your niche and find a way to thrive in it.

How do you think TikTok will evolve in Spain during 2020?

We think among young people, it will be the number one social network everyone will be referring to.

Translated and edited by Jessica Milsom.

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