Paula and Aitana, Twin Melody: The Spanish Sisters TikTok is Raving About

Aitana and Paula, also known as Twin Melody, are the identical twins behind one of the most followed Spanish TikTok accounts.

They joined the platform back when it was under the domain of and TikTok was a shy trend in Spain. Today, their short-clip videos are being followed by 11M people -solely on TikTok-, they overpass a million followers on Instagram and gather 1,5M subscribers on Youtube.

At the young age of twenty-two, Editorial Planeta has already given them the opportunity to write their first book, ‘Momentos Soña2’. Other than that, Spanish retailer El Corte Inglés featured Aitana and Paula in ‘Pipol In Da House‘, its original Instagram web series, together with other national social media stars such as Logan G and Brisa Fenoy.

They both combine their life as content creators with studying a bachelor in Schoolteaching. Currently based in their native Ordizia (Basque Country), online studies allow them to regularly head to Madrid and develop their career in the music industry.

We spoke with Paula and Aitana about their beginnings in the Chinese social media giant, the content creation process they follow and their optimistic view of TikTok’s growth in Spain. Keep scrolling to find out more about the twins the video community is raving about.

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You went famous on Youtube and about a year ago turned into a TikTok phenomenon. Why did you decide to bet on TikTok and its potential? 

We decided to take a chance on TikTok – at that time – because it was gaining more and more popularity and overall seemed like a fun application. So we signed up, which we now do not regret at all. Creating video content for TikTok is something we genuinely enjoy and it is a blessing to make people happy through our choreographies.

You have already gathered over 11M international followers. How have you managed to build such a large following in such a short time frame?

Yes, wow! It’s unbelievable! We attempt to make colorful, fun and positive videos. We owe all of our success to God and the invaluable support that we receive from the #Twinnerz community. We are very grateful for the beautiful family we have built.

What do you think makes TikTok different from Instagram and Youtube?

TikTok is exclusively dedicated to short music videos (up to 15 seconds) and there are no pictures. The videos being posted are usually homemade and innovative, with different challenges trending each week. It also allows us to interact with our audience with much ease.

The vast majority of the audience is very young – gen z – and therefore seeks spontaneity. The platform gives us a sense of who our followers and their preferences are through different parameters, such as their country of origin and what videos are having the best performance. 

TikTok has been booming in Spain lately. Where are most of your followers from? Have you noticed an increase in Spanish following in recent months?

We believe that Tiktok is already established in Spain and growing, with many national TiktTokers gaining popularity worldwide. As for our followers, they are mostly from the United States, Spain, Mexico, the Philippines and Argentina.

You regularly do commercial collaborations on TikTok. What are the essential attributes you seek for in the brands you work with? 

We value whether we genuinely like the product, if we would use or wear it and if the brand is a good fit for our personality. The service or products we promote must definitely match our lifestyle, values and, most importantly, must align with the interests of our audiences.

What is your content creation process on TikTok? 

We follow by example. We look at what challenges are trending and what audios are the most popular. Based on that, we record the video. The choreography will depend on the song: sometimes we put together our own dance moves while on other occasions we get inspired by other videos. We repeat several times so that we have more than one shot and get to choose the best clip to publish!

What advice would you give to content creators who are looking to start on TikTok? 

They should do it with great enthusiasm and enjoy it when recording the videos.

How do you think TikTok will evolve in Spain during 2020?

We honestly have no clue, but we will be paying close attention! haha

And last but not least… Which TikTokers do you follow?

We follow 70 TikTokers who create interesting and fun content! Among this number, there are also some of our fans that have won our ‘follow’ it through raffles. In general, we support people who transmit joy and make us smile.

‘Suavemente’ is the last single of TikTok stars Paula and Aitana, from Twin Melody
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