The 10 TikTok Accounts Taking Over Spain

If you have a working internet connection, chances are you have heard of the viral video power-house known as TikTok. So, needless to say, this once small app, is becoming one of the most important social networks in the world, especially for a young and impressionable audience. With that being said, there is no better time to be joining the TikTok bandwagon.

For the last two years, the application has dominated the app stores and has been the most downloaded social network, ahead of Facebook and Instagram, making TikTok another social media giant of the world. 

Spain, in particular, joined the TikTok trend and has cultivated its own set of TikTok stars, each with their own unique account and entertaining 15-second videos. Keep reading to find out some of the most followed TikTok accounts in Spain, we’ll break down their following, impact and reasons for their success.

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10) Lola Moreno Marco @lolaloliitaaa

3.9 M followers

Firstly, our TikToker ranked number 10 is Lola Moreno Marco, also known as Lola Lolita, who’s smaller account should by no means be underestimated. Lolita’s fun dancing and lip-syncing videos complemented with her gorgeous looks have landed her an impressive following on both TikTok and Instagram. Her love for dancing even led her to create a book about herself, titled ‘never stop dancing’. In addition to this, the star has grown her Instagram significantly, earning her partnerships with Maybelline, Rimmel London, Garnier and others. The all-around beauty and lifestyle Instagrammer with a hefty TikTok audience is really a force to be reckoned with.

9) Lucía Bellido @its.bellido

4.5 M followers

Another noteworthy name in our list of biggest TikTok accounts in Spain is Lucía Bellido Serrano, who achieved her crown verification on TikTok after finding success with her lip-syncing and entertaining dance videos. The star consistently posts videos of herself performing parts of popular songs in her short videos and these posts are what have skyrocketed her to, not only millions of followers on TikTok, but also over 1 million followers on Instagram. The star posts lifestyle and modelling photos of herself and appeals to a young audience who admires her looks, casual daily photos and travel posts.

8) Mónica Morán @monismurf

4.8 M followers

Mónica Morán, also known on TikTok as monismurf, is known for her lip-syncing and short dances to popular songs on the app, allowing her to gain a large audience on the platform. Not only does she make entertaining dance videos, but she also gets creative, playing around with different kinds of camera effects and techniques.

Additionally, Moran collaborates with other popular Spanish TikTok stars, namely, Lola Moreno Marco (@lolaloliitaaa) and also Lola’s sister, Sofia Moreno Marco (@sofiamoreno_), who also has a heavy following on the app too. Not only did Moran grow on TikTok but she also grew on Instagram too, earning herself 1.5 million followers on the app and building herself as an influencer. It’s safe to say she is undoubtedly becoming one of the most followed TikTok accounts in Spain.

7) Antonio Garcia @mranto

5 M followers

Crown-verified TikTok star Anto Garcia, frequently posts relatable comedy sketches, creative skits and touching ‘couple goals’ videos with his partner and fellow TikTok star Cristian Gamez. The pair also have a growing couples Instagram account dedicated to their most romantic videos. Not only do the two bounce off of each other to create their imaginative videos, but they also often create with other Spanish TikTok stars, namely, Julia Menu Garcia and her partner. This allows them to reach a larger Spanish audience. No wonder the two have almost 5 million followers and are ranked at number seven for our most popular TikTokers in Spain.

6) Benji Krol @benjikrol

6.9 M followers

This young Canadian content creator has climbed his way up the TikTok ladder through his sweet and cute online personality, and soon became the heartthrob of many young girls with his adorkable looks. Using TikTok as the bounce pad for his online career, he soon branched out to the youtube community and started his own vlogging channel, like many other online personalities do.

Krol still seems to be growing his youtube channel with regular vlogs in which he talks about the things happening in his life and entertains with his relatable and quirky videos. He can be best summed up as the ‘boy-next-door’, and he is the neighbour that 6.8 million people would want to have.

5) Martinez Twins @martineztwins

7 M followers

The Martinez twins need no introduction, the Spanish pair, based in the US, are undoubtedly one of the biggest trendsetters on the app, particularly when it comes to dancing. The short snippets of their impressive and entertaining dance moves initiate other TikTokers to recreate the moves themselves. Not only do the boys create these dances, but they never fail to be a part of the action when a new trend takes over the app. If TikTok was the ocean and trends were the waves, then you can bet that the twins are professional surfers.

4) Julia Menu Garcia @juliamenugarcia

9.4 M followers

The next biggest TikTok account in Spain is Julia Menu Garcia, who accumulated her young audience through entertaining challenges, funny and relatable content, and her lively online personality. The 29-year-old Spanish star has even written her own book and grown her own brand image immensely in a very short amount of time. Amusing and grabbing the attention of young people, particularly in Spain, with her playful prank videos and silly antics.

3) Twin Melody @twinmelody

11.8 M followers

Aitana and Paula, also known as Twin Melody, are the twins behind one of the most followed Spanish TikTok accounts to date. Their fun, colourful and positive personalities attract young followers, who also support the twins and their musical endeavours. Both of the sisters combine their life as content creators with studying for a bachelor in Education. Currently based in Ordizia (Basque Country), online studies allow them to regularly head to Madrid and develop their career in the music industry. Keep an eye out for these two, they are aiming high and achieving higher.

To learn more about these fascinating Twins, we sat down with the stars and learnt more about their growing online fame. Check out our interview with them here.

2) Sky & Tami @skyandtami

12.9 M followers

One of the biggest TikTok accounts in Spain is owned by the superstars Sky Odin and Tama Tomo. The two began their joint TikTok account back in 2018 and in the span of 2 years have managed to garner over 12 million followers and achieve the well-deserved crown-verification. From posting dancing videos to lip-syncing videos to arts and crafts and many collaborations with other TikTok giants, namely, the UK-based twins, the Neffati Brothers. The pair have started to dominate not only the Spanish scene but also the international stage with their cute and funny antics as a couple.

Furthermore, the couple’s personal accounts on TikTok have also earned the crown title with the impressive following to match, @skyodin (4.4m) and @_tamatomo (4.8m). It’s fair to say, that the couple are really a TikTok success story to remember.

What’s interesting about the couple is all of their posts are captioned first in German, then Spanish and followed by the English translation, so if their plan is to continue to grow across borders, they are making a good start. Regardless of the language you speak, we can all agree, this lovable and cute pair radiate ‘couple goals’.

1) Jordi Koalitic @jordi.koalitic

13.5 M followers

Finally, at number one for our most followed TikTok accounts in Spain is the breathtaking Jordi.Koalitic. The TikTok account is a creative photography project created by brothers Jordi and Arnau Puig. The pair cleverly utilised TikTok to not only gain exposure for their remarkable photography but also show how they make their impressive photographs. They reached their current crown-verified status by demonstrating simple techniques using everyday objects to create unique and captivating photographs.

The short and straight-forward videos illustrate their photo manipulating abilities, showing the making of the photograph and then reveal the fascinating finished piece. The Jordi Koalictic signature style often incorporates abstract lighting and unique perspective on a subject. 

To find out more about the ground-breaking photographers who reached a staggering 13.5 million followers in little more than 6 months, check out Primetag’s exclusive interview with the phenomenal content creators themselves here.

The metrics used in this article were last updated on February 19th 2020.

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